About us


  • Unification, consolidation and increased activity of Kazakhstan's citizens who are permanently or temporarily abroad in various spheres of state, economic and social life of the country to ensure sustainable development and contribute to the creation of a strong Kazakhstan.
  • Propaganda and popularization of Kazakhstan as a state with a market economy, a democratic political system, a secular nature of power and the legal order of relations in society. Dissemination of ideas and values of «Mangilik El», ideology and objectives of the Strategy «Kazakhstan 2050».
  • Promoting and strengthening public awareness and civic culture based on equality and tolerance, hard work and honesty, and the rule of law.
  • Introduction of a unified standard and norms for the implementation of the activities of various non-governmental organizations abroad, representing the interests of citizens of Kazakhstan.

Goals and Objectives

  • assistance in joining efforts of citizens of Kazakhstan who are abroad in strengthening Kazakhstani statehood, its independence and sovereignty, building a legal state in Kazakhstan, ensuring human and civil rights and freedoms;
  • representing the interests of the community in government bodies and public associations in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • attracting citizens of Kazakhstan who are abroad to participate in national and international legal, humanitarian and other projects and programs;
  • assistance in the implementation of progressive and peaceful initiatives of public and state organizations, projects and programs of international and national development;
  • assistance in creating conditions for active social and social activities of its members; development of all-round cooperation, assistance in strengthening communication;
  • establishment and development of relations with various international organizations.
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